[Oberon] NO 11.10.2001: Trap HTMLDocs.WriteCharRef

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Wed Mar 24 22:37:27 CET 2004

Hi Chris,

MM http://www.debian.org produced the following trap
which also Peter E. reported (Even with a later NO it seems)

Peter E. wrote:
> TRAP 7  Index out of range (PC Native 05.01.2003)
> HTMLDocs.WriteCharRef  PC = 17182
> 	P =  00492880H
> 	S =  00000010H
> 	entity = ""
So I still have to find the old source zips on my archive CD and
copy them to the 486 machine. 
A trap 7 shouldn't be a big problem BTW.
But that's for another day.
But perhaps you should at least move to the newest NO sometime.
Nevertheless, I have a 11.10.2001 installed now so I can have a look.
BTW, I'm also working on WebDAV. At the moment porting the server to
WinAos 1.06 is some work because the file concept of Windoof is different
from Oberon.

Cheers, Edgar

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