Re (2): [Oberon] NO 11.10.2001: Trap HTMLDocs.WriteCharRef

edgar at edgar at
Thu Mar 25 22:29:00 CET 2004

shark at wrote:
> es> A trap 7 shouldn't be a big problem BTW.
> We're running out of excuses for fixing some of the problems!
The biggest excuse is still time :-)
I have a wife and two kids and in addition in June we have a bunch of 
elections for European Parliament, Regional Parliament, County Council and
City Council. And I have mandates on the lower end of this list :-)
I think about running again. So you can imagine that at the moment
I have a lot of phone work finding candidates and organizing meetings ...
But for Chris' problems I plan to put fixes on
Another thing I learned a while ago is about wikis. A great simple way
for collaborative collection of information. Better than FAQs and mailing lists
And there is even a wiki implemented in python (I'm no friend of perl, php).
But alas my ISP at the moment doesn't support python correctly.
Ok, they say that it will work after they change to Debian at end of March ...
So if somebody of you out there has a web server where he can install
MoinMoin (hosted on sourceforge) which is a nice WikiWiki written in Python,
he could give us a web based collaboration platform.
For those who didn't ever hear about wikis:
It's a bunch of webpages where anybody (restrictions are possible) can
edit using a simple (really easy to grok) markup language.
So it's very dynamic but it seems to work.

Cheers, Edgar

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