Re (2): [Oberon] NO 11.10.2001: Trap HTMLDocs.WriteCharRef

shark shark at
Sun Mar 28 06:14:27 CEST 2004

Edgar wrote:
>The biggest excuse is still time :-)

Familiar issue.

>I have a wife and two kids and in addition in June we have a bunch of 
>elections for European Parliament, Regional Parliament, County Council and
>City Council. And I have mandates on the lower end of this list :-)
>I think about running again. So you can imagine that at the moment
>I have a lot of phone work finding candidates and organizing meetings ...

All completely understandable.  Don't take my "running out of excuses"
remark too seriously.  I am a little too flippant sometimes.

>So if somebody of you out there has a web server where he can install
>MoinMoin (hosted on sourceforge) which is a nice WikiWiki written in
>he could give us a web based collaboration platform.

Will consider it for Carnot after a bigger disk drive.

Regards,      Peter E.

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