[Oberon] Documentation request

Stefan Salewski Salewski at PHYSnet.Uni-Hamburg.de
Sun Mar 28 13:42:57 CEST 2004

Am Freitag, 12. März 2004 19:14 schrieb frey at inf.ethz.ch:
> The following small piece of documentation is new in this release.
> It is on the user level.
> If you want to do Programming on the GUI, there is WMScribble.Mod
> as an introduction to basic window handling (independant of the
> component system).
> For the new component system you might check ComponentViewer.Mod
> together with FractalDemo.Mod and Notepad.Mod as simple examples.
> For more complex examples, search for "WMComponents" in *.Mod.
> --Thomas


Yesterday I have installed
Bluebottle Build of March 12, 2004 (stable release).

I have just configured network connection, started a few demos
(3D-Menu, FractalDemo, Bunny.) It works and looks nice.

I will go on investigating it  and try to understand the 

During installation there was no way to select screen resolution and 
refresh rate, so display is 1024x768 at 60Hz. With Native-Oberon and 
the last release of Bluebottle there was a way to select 
1280x1024 at 70Hz using a Vesa3.0-Init-String. Is there still a way to 
select a refresh rate of at least 70Hz?

Best regards

Stefan Salewski

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