Re (2): [Oberon] Oberon Wiki

edgar at edgar at
Mon Jun 7 21:21:10 CEST 2004

Peter E. wrote:
> bt> it would be nice to have an NO - BlueBottle oriented Wiki.
> Edgar also mentioned this.
> Hosting on carnot is a possibility to consider.
> I need to learn more about it before making a 
> decision.  Probably also need to clear it with
> UBC.
In the meantime I installed a Wiki written in Python with my ISP.
You can have a look at
to get the feeling.

> How much use would such Wiki receive?  This 
> mailing list and the list operated by Edgar both have little traffic.
I just started it for a German audience but the English helpfiles also are available.
After the next weekend when the elections here are over I will create an
Oberon oriented start page. Or somebody do it. Please call it 'ComputersOberon'
when you link to it from my mainpage.
And I really don't fear that it will be swamped with traffic :-)
But I think it will be interesting. In theory Wikis are great but will it also
work out for an Oberon topic ?

 Cheers, Edgar 

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