[Oberon] Can N-O do wiki ?

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sun Jul 11 11:53:35 CEST 2004

easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> A project that I'm looking into, mentions wiki; but I don't want 
> to spend half a day investigating it.
I think you must give it a try. Because wiki is a rather generic term
and the existing implementations have some common basic features but
often their special goodies.

> Can native oberon read/write wiki ?
Because your interface to a wiki is the browser you must check whether you
can work with NO.
With the browser of Aos Oberon I can "sort of" work with the wiki I installed (Moin).
Which means that I can add contents. Display OTOH isn't perfect.
It seems to me (Not closely investigated) that the browser doesn't support <div>
which is used by Moin for layout purposes.
I don't know the state of NOs browser.

> If not, what linux tools can ?
Any browser as mentioned above.

Cheers, Edgar

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