[Oberon] Can N-O do wiki ?

shark shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Tue Jul 13 04:45:20 CEST 2004

Edgar, Chris, 

es> It seems to me (Not closely investigated) 
that the browser doesn't support <div> which 
is used by Moin for layout purposes.

Try Desktops.OpenDoc "http://gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca/~shark".

<DIV align="center"> works for Native 
05.01.2003 (2003-01-05).  Of course,
this only proves align="center" and 
there are many other attributes.

> If not, what linux tools can ?

lynx-ssl is very robust and doesn't require a
GUI.  Works OK on a 486 connected to Oberon
via SSH.

Regards,       Peter E.

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