[Oberon] Oberon database application framework

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 23:39:32 CEST 2004

--- Dan Parnete <dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it> wrote:

> <>Hello,
> I have built an Oberon database application
> framework based on 
> Objects.Library, including a small integrated
> database engine. If 
> anybody interested, please tell my where to post it.

Cool!  I was working on something similair a while
back.  A good place to post this would be the ETH


You'll need to get writing priviledges from Edgar.
Alternately if you email it to me I'll post it
there for you.  Or you could post source or an
ASCII coded version here or at the Wiki.
> It is functional in local, and now I'm working for
> extend it to the 
> network (it works, bat needs more testing), to
> create a client/server 
> framework. Then, I will extend it to ODBC databases.
> In the future I 
> will rewrite it for Aos. It should be an XML db with
> standard XQuery API 
> and Aos GUI (when more controls will be available).
> Unfortunately, I have no documentation for it. But
> if anybody 
> interested, I promise to write some.

Take a look at the prevalence system in Aos.  
(PrevalenceSystem.Mod)  It's an XML based "Persistent
Object System".  But (unfortnately) it also doesn't
have any documentation at this time.
> <>
> The database have nothing to do with any standard. I
> call it "database" 
> just for give an idea of what we talking about, but
> it's a simple 
> collection of objects, more precisely private
> libraries of Model objects 
> stored in a .db file. Indexing is provided
> automatically, the first time 
> a field is used in a query condition. It's a multi
> database engine. The 
> query language is very rude an conforms only with my
> needs. Here are 
> some simple examples:
> DpsDb.Cmd Query Database Collection GD "PKEY>0" ~
>     dumps (Get Dump command) all records, all fields
> of database 
> Database, collection Collection on System.Log <>
> DpsDb.Cmd Query Database Collection G "PKEY>0"
> "field1,field2" ~
>     get all records (Get command), only field1,
> field2 in PackFile file 
> which transports data between db an the client
> application.

A persistant object store with a query language.
That's a database in my book.

> I can provide more complex examples on a complete
> sample application.
> <>The application framework is base on Gadgets and
> implements:
> - Window: panel with one or more datasources and
> datawindows
> - DataSource: tree structure of data arrived from
> the database, 
> organised in a logic dependency (master/detail); it
> has a datawindow and 
> a dataobj list attached.
> - DataWindow: form panel or table panel with binded
> fields.
> - DataObj: record of data (library)
> There is a report builder too, same fashion as
> datawindow.
> Dan Parnete

Sounds good.  I'd love to see the whole thing in


John M. Drake

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