[Oberon] Oberon database application framework

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it
Thu Aug 19 23:17:39 CEST 2004

John Drake wrote:

>--- Dan Parnete <dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
>>I have built an Oberon database application
>>framework based on 
>>Objects.Library, including a small integrated
>>database engine. If 
>>anybody interested, please tell my where to post it.
>Cool!  I was working on something similair a while
>back.  A good place to post this would be the ETH
>You'll need to get writing priviledges from Edgar.
>Alternately if you email it to me I'll post it
>there for you.  Or you could post source or an
>ASCII coded version here or at the Wiki.
>>It is functional in local, and now I'm working for
>>extend it to the 
>>network (it works, bat needs more testing), to
>>create a client/server 
>>framework. Then, I will extend it to ODBC databases.
>>In the future I 
>>will rewrite it for Aos. It should be an XML db with
>>standard XQuery API 
>>and Aos GUI (when more controls will be available).
>>Unfortunately, I have no documentation for it. But
>>if anybody 
>>interested, I promise to write some.
>Take a look at the prevalence system in Aos.  
>(PrevalenceSystem.Mod)  It's an XML based "Persistent
>Object System".  But (unfortnately) it also doesn't
>have any documentation at this time.
>>The database have nothing to do with any standard. I
>>call it "database" 
>>just for give an idea of what we talking about, but
>>it's a simple 
>>collection of objects, more precisely private
>>libraries of Model objects 
>>stored in a .db file. Indexing is provided
>>automatically, the first time 
>>a field is used in a query condition. It's a multi
>>database engine. The 
>>query language is very rude an conforms only with my
>>needs. Here are 
>>some simple examples:
>>DpsDb.Cmd Query Database Collection GD "PKEY>0" ~
>>    dumps (Get Dump command) all records, all fields
>>of database 
>>Database, collection Collection on System.Log <>
>>DpsDb.Cmd Query Database Collection G "PKEY>0"
>>"field1,field2" ~
>>    get all records (Get command), only field1,
>>field2 in PackFile file 
>>which transports data between db an the client
>A persistant object store with a query language.
>That's a database in my book.
>>I can provide more complex examples on a complete
>>sample application.
>><>The application framework is base on Gadgets and
>>- Window: panel with one or more datasources and
>>- DataSource: tree structure of data arrived from
>>the database, 
>>organised in a logic dependency (master/detail); it
>>has a datawindow and 
>>a dataobj list attached.
>>- DataWindow: form panel or table panel with binded
>>- DataObj: record of data (library)
>>There is a report builder too, same fashion as
>>Dan Parnete
>Sounds good.  I'd love to see the whole thing in
>John M. Drake
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I have written all the day a dam UserGuide document. Four pages, and it 
takes me all the day. I'm not done for writing documentation. And 
probably I mess a lot of important details. I hope it will be useful. I 
have tried to access the WebDav but probably I need a client I don't 
have. So I posted the  DpsAF_190804.zip file on an ftp site:
    User: dan
    Password: parnete

You need Internet Explorer to have the login window opened.

Dan Parnete

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