Antwort: Re: Re (2): [Oberon] qemu:access existing partitions

Jack Johnson knapjack at
Tue Sep 14 07:42:21 CEST 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 08:03:23 +0200, Edgar Schwarz
< at> wrote:
> Also If you want to find the current problem you don't need a Bluebottle
> partition.
> Partitions.Show should also tell me about other partitions on my current
> disk if I mount it.


OK, here's the trick: QEMU doesn't always pass the correct drive
geometry to the guest OS, so you need to specify it manually.

In my case, I did:

sudo qemu -hda /dev/hdc -hdachs 77536,16,63 -cdrom
~/Downloads/ISOs/AosCD.iso -boot d

and Partitions.Show correctly showed me my partition map.  the CHS in
the above command line is in LBA compatibility mode (it would have
been '4865,255,63' otherwise, but that didn't seem to work).

Also, there are some warnings in the QEMU FAQ against doing what I've
proposed, but many people report success.  I suspect it depends
heavily on the OS (wouldn't want to share the swap space with another
Linux instance).

There's also a -snapshot option for the paranoid that is supposed to
protect the disk from writes but still allow reads.

Best of luck,


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