[Oberon] Re^2. simplifying Dialer.DoScript

shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Wed Sep 15 07:18:07 CEST 2004

Chris and the other 1.5 users of Oberon PPP,

cg> ... 'int string' is a subset of 'string'.

OK; you apprehend the possibility of an 
intended snd begining with an int.  Such 
command could be interpreted as a rcv.  
Similarly, the possibilities of snd 
commands beginning with "USER", "PASSWORD" 
and "CALL" might be considered.

No modem command begins with int, "USER", 
"PASSWORD" or "CALL".  Therefore the cases 
in question never occur when the Dialer 
script is used to operate a modem.  This is 
all the Dialer script was intended for.

cg> I thought such BNF needed the alternatives to be mutually exclusive ?

Might not be a general rule.  Is it 
published somewhere?

cg> You mean if there's no 'int string' the wait time is zero ?

An int of "0" specifies zero wait time.
Example of a rcv with zero wait time.
0 "Blah" 
Example of a command with no wait time.
"Blah Blah"
That is a snd command.

cg> You mean if eg. 'int string' = "8" the scripts aborts unless the 
expected action has occured before 8 time units ?

Yes and the expected action is to receive a 
specified string.

cg> So you need the pause, but can't get if from your modem nor
the dialerscript ?

Affirmative.  Over.

cg> ... and no 'int string' to do what ?

No int, is the case of a snd command.  Timing 
is not involved.  The string is sent and there 
is no more to do for that command.

cg> ... you will perhaps have to hack it yourself, as I've had
to do.

"Program" rather than "hack" please.  It is 
a tiny exercise.

cg> If we can consolidate effort in the future, your documentation
will be appreciated.

When the Dialer is ready, it will be on 
my Web site along with the other modified 

cg> BTW, since you're looking at this ... I've got an old DOS based BBS
application, ...

With AOS and Debian Linux available, I wouldn't 
bother with a BBS.  Use http or ftp.  The 
Oberon Dialer is not for general communication.  

Regards,       Peter E.


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