[Oberon] XML; was Re^2: DAV WebDAV.1.1.0 released

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Wed Oct 13 18:46:32 CEST 2004

Tue Aug  5 20:11:11 2003 Chris said,
cg> ... much reference to XML. I've always had negative attitude to
    over use of HTML.  XML seem to be more of the same ?

Naive observer comments,
1. Over the years, there have been complaints that an Oberon 
Text uses hidden characters to specify format.  

HTML and XML use visible characters to specify format.

2. There have been complaints that the hidden formatting 
characters followed a syntax which is not published.

The syntaces of HTML and XML are published by the W3C.  

3. An Oberon Text is not properly formatted when viewed in a 
non-Oberon system.

A non-Oberon system can open HTML fairly well.  Perhaps XML 
eventually also.

4. Oberon does not have a pdf viewer.

XML with CSS and W3C languages for specific purposes such as 
vector graphics, probably have greater capabilities than pdf.

Therefore XML might not be so bad.

Regards,               Peter E.

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