[Oberon] XML; was Re^2: DAV WebDAV.1.1.0 released

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 02:58:11 CEST 2004

That's odd.  I seem to have missed both Edgar's
announcement about the next WebDAV release and
Chris' response.  Neither is in the archive either:


Anyway, with regards to XML versus HTML versus
Oberon Text, a few points to consider.

1) The various versions of Oberon Text have
changed (incompatibly) over the past years.
I can open an HTML page under System 3 or
V4, but I can't (easily) open a V4 text under
Sys 3 and I think it's impossible to open
a Sys 3 text under V4.

2) HTML 2.0 seemed almost interchangeable
with Oberon Text files.  With the 
introduction of frames this became less
true.  An HTML with a "frame" doesn't
"flow" like a document in my book.  I
think frames could be implemented as
"panels" but I've never seen anyone try

3) XML in BlueBottle is used as a user
interface "mark up" langauge, similair
to LayLa under System 3.  In that respect
System 3 isn't using "Texts" either for
UI, but "panels", "gadgets" and a markup
language.  (I'll be VERY happy when the
BlueBottle XML gui is condified and 

4) There are other reasons for XML
besides documents and GUIs.  I missed the
context of Chris' post, but from the
title I'm assuming this had something to
do with XML and WebDAV.  You can't
implement the WebDAV protocol without
XML.  Having XML allows BlueBottle to
"connect" more with the outside world.
Beside, Oberon Text is still available.


John M. Drake

--- shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca wrote:

> Tue Aug  5 20:11:11 2003 Chris said,
> cg> ... much reference to XML. I've always had
> negative attitude to
>     over use of HTML.  XML seem to be more of the
> same ?
> Naive observer comments,
> 1. Over the years, there have been complaints that
> an Oberon 
> Text uses hidden characters to specify format.  
> HTML and XML use visible characters to specify
> format.
> 2. There have been complaints that the hidden
> formatting 
> characters followed a syntax which is not published.
> The syntaces of HTML and XML are published by the
> W3C.  
> http://www.w3.org/
> 3. An Oberon Text is not properly formatted when
> viewed in a 
> non-Oberon system.
> A non-Oberon system can open HTML fairly well. 
> Perhaps XML 
> eventually also.
> 4. Oberon does not have a pdf viewer.
> XML with CSS and W3C languages for specific purposes
> such as 
> vector graphics, probably have greater capabilities
> than pdf.
> Therefore XML might not be so bad.
> Regards,               Peter E.
> Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/
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