Re (2): [Oberon] Bluebottle and qemu

edgar at edgar at
Thu Oct 28 23:21:58 CEST 2004

Jack Johnson <knapjack at> wrote:
> OK, in my particular instance, I took a 4GB disk and erased all the
> partitions.
I have a spare 8GB somwhere.

> I did a nice, standard Bluebottle install, creating a
> 258MB 1st partition, setting it active, and following the steps from
> the installation text.  I did *not* install the Bluebottle boot
> manager.
> ...
> If the number of heads is 255, I know that I need to do some math.
> 525 * 255 = 8367.1875 * 16
>  sudo qemu -hdachs 8367,16,63 /dev/hda
I didn't do my math before :-(
I tried using the trick with my existing /dev/hdd loading as -hda.
It has BootMagic: W89, 3 x BB, Debian.
BootMagic came up but then BB started with some funny colorful pixels :-(
Perhaps I can try another graphics mode. OTOH the BB from the CD image starts fine.
Perhaps it's a graphics configuration problem.
So I will give it a try with the spare disk on the weekend.
A question to ETH: Do you expect any trouble if I install a BB on ID1 slave (/dev/hdd)
and later in qemu the disk is mounted as IDE0 master ?
ID1 slave is removable disk so I can let the children play with the computer without
risking my stuff.
My qemu only allows giving LBA parameters to -hda.
The showstopper naturally would be whether I can access the www using my qemu started
BB. Did you try that yet ?
Thanks Jack !

Regards, Edgar

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