[Oberon] Re (2): Bluebottle and qemu

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Oct 29 19:34:40 CEST 2004

<edgar at edgarschwarz.de> wrote:
> > BootMagic came up but then BB started with 
> > some funny colorful pixels :-(
> > Perhaps I can try another graphics mode. 
> > OTOH the BB from the CD image starts fine.
> > Perhaps it's a graphics configuration problem.
> Jack Johnson wrote:-
> Did you happen to change your Init value?  I leave mine at the default
> 117 and it seems to work correctly.
> I'm using the current stable ISO, though, so I should test the
> current/unstable/bleeding-edge version as well.
> > A question to ETH: Do you expect any trouble if I install a 
> > BB on ID1 slave (/dev/hdd)
> > and later in qemu the disk is mounted as IDE0 master ?
> My initial guess is that you may have bootloader issues.
> I suspect you'd be fine if you ran two bootloaders: one on /dev/hda
> for your suite of OSes that also points to /dev/hdd for Bluebottle,
> and another on /dev/hdd that points to your virtual /dev/hda for QEMU
> (which using the default Bluebottle bootloader should work fine for
> this -- I would just do the whole install inside QEMU using '-hda
> /dev/hdd').
--- snip --

Just an observation:
How much usage do you expect to get from the research effort to
be able to do smart multiple OS booting ?

I've got some 6 IDE's which I interchange between mother-boards.
Some with 30 ...40 partitions [for n-o].
Only one little IDE boots - to DOS
All others need fd0s to boot: n-o, linux, DOS.
I can post you megabytes of text on analysing MBRs ...etc.
BTW n-o's Partitions.Tool with the source code is very good.
But life is too short, unless you can amortise the cost over
 many systems.
We can NEVER get it "right".
Don't invest time researching that which may be irrelevant soon.
Don't get married to the hardware, which will soon be redundant.
Consider using fd0 booting.
How much time/effort do you want to spend 'tuning' an apple which
you'll eat in 20 seconds ?

== Chris Glur.

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