[Oberon] n-o sound: hardware basics ?

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Fri Oct 29 13:38:16 CEST 2004


I'm trying to setup Oberon.Text /
Sound = {
	Audio = {
		Port = 220H
		IRQ = 7
		LowDMA = 1
		HighDMA = 7
		compatible = -1	...

 based on Usenet posts, setting up sound is known to be a dog !

I've got this Elphina MoBo with a K6 [which is irrelevant to n-o,
since if it's 100 times faster, you save 1mSec (on a task that takes 
1mSec),  but it's ok for viewing *.ps].

Linux sees: Model: CMI8330/C3D Audio Adapter.
And I can hear the mike [being scratched] in the ear-phone, and once 
I heard something from:
cat  <soundFile> /dev/dsp [or ? /dev/audio]
And n-o / PCITools.Scan ~ sees:

Bus 0, device 0, function 0: class/rev 06000010, vendor/device 10395597, status/cmd 22000007
	Class: Bridge, Sub-class: Host bridge
	Vendor: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS], Device: 5597 [SiS5582]

Bus 0, device 1, function 0: class/rev 06010001, vendor/device 10390008, status/cmd 02000007
	Class: Bridge, Sub-class: ISA bridge
	Vendor: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS], Device: 85C503/5513

Bus 0, device 1, function 1: class/rev 01018AD0, vendor/device 10395513, status/cmd 00000007
	Class: Mass storage controller, Sub-class: IDE interface

Bus 0, device 20, function 0: class/rev 03000068, vendor/device 10390200, status/cmd 02000003
	Class: Display controller, Sub-class: VGA compatible controller,...
4 devices found
Since 'follow instructions blindly' isn't succeeding, I want to try from
first principles, based on my memory/knowledge of 8 bit sysytems.

Q1 - can it be assumed that only 1 IRQ is alloacated to the MoBo
   sound-system ?   I can't map the linux parameters unambigiously to
    n-o Oberon.Text  .

Q2 - what is this about "LowDMA" and "HighDMA" ?
  As I remember DirectMemoryAccess, disables the CPU while the
  device is able to read/write directly to memory.

Q3 - what is the data-bus width of a K6 ?

Q4 - would a 'sound device' just use a single port, or is this the
  base-base adr. of a consecutive set ?

Q5 - is it correct that since IRQ is input only, I can't determine which
   IRQ number is correct, except by 'activating' each sequentially until
    I get a response  - which is impractical ?

Q6 - how else should I proceed.

Thanks for any advice.

== Chris Glur.

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