Re (2): [Oberon] NIC in BB

shark at shark at
Thu Dec 30 07:54:02 CET 2004

Thomas, Dan,

dp> It works with the Crazy Fresh of 24 nov., ...

OK, I am grappling with "current".  Is dysfunction 
of the network via 3C905 plausible for "current"? 

tf> ... CD image ...

There is no CD burner here; I need to boot the 
zip file.  Seems that I can put in 
the AOS partition as and 
adjust Aos.Par thusly.

	BootVol1=RAM RamFS 8000 4096
	BootVol2=AOS AosFS IDE0#03
	BootVol3=ZIP ZipFS |
	RamFS=AosRAMVolumes.New AosDiskFS.NewFS
	AosFS=AosDiskVolumes.New AosDiskFS.NewFS

Any tips before I try this?

A couple of small auxiliary questions.

I've been testing the network using Desktops.OpenDoc 
in the Oberon embedded in BB.  Is there a way to test 
directly in BB?

Should the domain name in Aos.Par include the 
machine name?  Ie.,

Thanks,          Peter E.


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