Re (2): [Oberon] NIC in BB

Thomas Frey thomas.frey at
Thu Dec 30 00:18:36 CET 2004

shark at wrote:
> Thomas, Dan,
> dp> It works with the Crazy Fresh of 24 nov., ...
> OK, I am grappling with "current".  Is dysfunction 
> of the network via 3C905 plausible for "current"? 
> tf> ... CD image ...
> There is no CD burner here; I need to boot the 
> zip file.  Seems that I can put in 
> the AOS partition as and 
> adjust Aos.Par thusly.
> 	BootVol1=RAM RamFS 8000 4096
> 	BootVol2=AOS AosFS IDE0#03
> 	BootVol3=ZIP ZipFS |
> 	RamFS=AosRAMVolumes.New AosDiskFS.NewFS
> 	AosFS=AosDiskVolumes.New AosDiskFS.NewFS
> 	ZipFS=NIL AosZipFS.NewFS
> Any tips before I try this?

This is not going to work. The ISO file system is embedded in the zip 
file system. You could use the zips of the crazy release that are 
currently in the same state as the XMas release.

If your computer can run VMWare or Qemu you can also directly boot the 
ISO CD image file.

> A couple of small auxiliary questions.
> I've been testing the network using Desktops.OpenDoc 
> in the Oberon embedded in BB.  Is there a way to test 
> directly in BB?
You can for example use
AosPing.Ping ~ to Ping the bluebottle server without DNS 
Or you can use the graphical FTP Browser ( WMFTPClient.Open ~).
> Should the domain name in Aos.Par include the 
> machine name?  Ie.,
> Domain=""
> vs. 
> Domain=""

The name has no influence on the connectivity. Since it is not used for 
more than display purposes but. I would write the full name


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