[Oberon] Re. Blackbox open source available

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Fri Dec 31 14:36:42 CET 2004

Doug Danforth wrote:-
> I like the Blackbox/Component Pascal interface.  
IMO the 'interface' is THE most important aspect of a system.
That it's not discussed is because the concepts are so fuzzy and
dificult to quantify.     I've concluded that why I feel so comfortable
[like taking the boxing-gloves off before starting to type] when I 
return-home from having to use Micro$loth or Linux, is n-o's 

Glancing through BlueBottle notes it seems that it aims to ape M$.
I just can't understand it !!  

> The source code has now 
> been released.  I'd be interested in hearing comments about porting that 
> code to the Native Oberon environment.  That is, call those functions of 
> native that replace MS Windows calls and still retain the look and feel 
> of Blackbox while running on Native and hence extend the platforms on 
> which Blackbox will run.

Can you try to describe this 'Blackbox/Component Pascal interface'
please ?

Here's my attempt at describing n-o's interface:-
* cording allows the major actions: load-file, do-command, 
   delete/copy/move-text ...etc. to be controlled subconciously
  [by reflex].
* there is no need to look back-and-forthe between screen & key-board,
   [this aspect is recognised by fighter aircraft HCI, and they spent money
  to get the best] except for "mark" <F1> , which Peter Easthope once
  approriately ask to be included in the cording-vocabulary.
  I.e. except for "mark" <F1>, the key-board is hardly necessary.
* inputing visually and allowing the rest of the body to react 
  instinctively as reflex output is efficient for humans.

== Chris Glur.

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