[Oberon] Linux-ETH-Oberon details.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jan 20 11:04:30 MET 2008

The reason why you'd want to use Linux-ETH-Oberon is to have 
the internet facilities of linux at the same time as the ETH-Oberon
text handling power: rapid search, cutNpaste, colour stretches
to hi-lite different concepts ...etc.

It's the details which are often seen as trivial which determine your
speed/productivity.  The following works well for me:
* Have several VTs open; each with mc running. 
  The 2-panel mc format allows immediate view, edit, move, search
  ..etc. of the files newly obtained from the internet.  Some of the 
  mc panels have the 'home directory' of Linux-ETH-Oberon.
This allows text to be easily moved in/out of the Oberon system.
* The one panel of one of the mc's is set to show files in 'newness
order' [rather than alphabetic order]. Then you can easily see
which were the files/projects most recently worked on.
You don't want to have to remember file-names !
When I want to reload the file from the <dingdong> project
of last week, I just switch to linux > mc and view downwards 
from the top of the list of files; and recognise DelRptChrs.Mod.
This is too much for me to remember/carry, so to transfer the name
to the Oberon-side, I just do: D*R*d and hit System.Directory ^.

You can do less trivial tasks like:
* download a bloated *.pdf;
* use linux 'pdf2text' to extract the text;
* use a standard pdf-viewer & screen-capture to extract the
  graphical images -- while you are studying and colouring
    [for your convenience/requirement] the critical parts of the 
* use ETH-Oberon to paste the captured images into the custom
  coloured text-gadget.
== This gives you a customised, fast-loading, editable [live],
'your own' version of the original *.pdf, which can be valuable if
you need to often consult it. Eg. an important document, which
originally came with graphics as a *.pdf.
Now a trivial task for which I have not yet found a simple solution:
News.Send , TextMail.Send and TextMail.Cite need "Text"-frames
and NOT "Document"-gadgets. 

If the text to be sent originated from the linux-side, eg. via internet,
I don't know how to get it to a text-frame {Edit/ET/Pet-type}
other than by cutNpaste.
AFAIK EditTools is the only facility to transfer between Oberon &
Linux formats; but EditTools doesn't provide the "Text"-frame
which is needed for TextMail & News.

Can someone advise on a solution ?

== Chris Glur.

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