[Oberon] Re. New platform of possible interest to Oberon community

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jan 20 11:04:39 MET 2008

Aubrey.McIntosh wrote:
> This uses the MIPS MK4 core.
> The higher end of the chips have 64 k RAM and 512 K
> flash.  In my mind, this makes this one chip approximately the power
> of the late 1980s AT class motherboard.  They cost about $5 in
> quantity 10K, but I don't have the single quantity price at hand.
You are still watching OLPC ?
Originally I criticised it for 'power consumption viability'.
Only lately have they started to emphasise the power consumption.
But they haven't given actual figures AFAIK.

I heard the lady on the radio, who designed the [now patented 
AFAIK] display which can be viewed 'outside' and uses little power.
She's left the project now ?

So far Analogue Devices 'Blackfin' seems to be the lowest
power consumption viable cpu.  I thought Skulski's [previously
of this list] name was connected with an Oberon compiler for it.
Also it's linux port is very inactive.

But the merits of a system/device seems often to be inversely
related to its popularity, when I consider ETH-Oberon and 
poplog  -- a mature/good AI language/system.

== Chris Glur.

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