[Oberon] Re: Component Pascal StdCoder.Decode ?

Douglas G. Danforth Danforth at GreenwoodFarm.com
Fri Apr 4 01:51:42 MEST 2008

Chris Glur wrote:
> [snip]
> The same way as I only hope to use the *ALGORITHMS* of the mass of
> C-code available, so also I only expected to use the algorithm of
> BlackBox's "C to cp translator".  But everything: C, cp, S3, V4; must
> all be reduceable to plain-text source.
> It's all the different format's/encodings of plain text that annoys me.
> == Chris Glur.
For what it is worth, I have saved the .mod files for C2cp as .txt
and wrapped them in a zip file for you.

A lot of the code is written in German (thank's Helmult)
and you should know that there are some constructs that
C2cp can not parse and are just emitted into the output
in their original form (mostly defines).

Good luck,
-Doug Danforth

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