[Oberon] Re: Component Pascal StdCoder.Decode ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Apr 4 06:51:05 MEST 2008

> > The */pac/C2cp.txt file is described as a [mostly] C to cp
> > translator, which could be very interesting for efforts to 
> > port some of the massive GNU/linux sources to 'Wirthian'?
> > ...snip...
> > 
> > Can someone help me get to the plain-text sources ?

Treutwein Bernhard wrote:
> enclosed are the source and the documentation of StdCoder
> and a copy of the BlackBox Open Source license (which is
> rumored to be a variant of the BSD license).
> Beware:
> 	1. The libraries used are very different.
> 	2. Type sizes differ
> PS: BlackBox runs nicely under Linux/Wine

Thanks, and I'm wondering why
    DEFINITION StdCoder   lists only a few of the IMPORTs
of MODULE StdCoder, as if the rest are defaults ?

Douglas G. Danforth wrote:-
}You should also know that those backed files contain many other 
}files which under BlackBox's StdCoder.Decode unpacks them into 
} subdirectories.

Yes, I found out that 'MODULE StdCoder' is only the human interface.
I want the encoding algorithm which is perhaps in MODULE Converters.
Probably with many other translators.
Or actually I'd just prefer to have the plaintext of C2cp.txt.

Since Oberon Microsystems is commercial, perhaps they have their own
'format'.  This whole project is looking less viable; especially when the 
documentation [DEFINITION StdCoder]is written as *pdf, where there's
nothing but plain-text there, to justify pdf.  And when a '*.txt' file is 
some special, non-text encoding  -- I get a bad feeling.

The same way as I only hope to use the *ALGORITHMS* of the mass of
C-code available, so also I only expected to use the algorithm of
BlackBox's "C to cp translator".  But everything: C, cp, S3, V4; must
all be reduceable to plain-text source.

It's all the different format's/encodings of plain text that annoys me.

== Chris Glur.

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