[Oberon] Re: Ideas needed for debugging-puzzle.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed May 28 11:16:21 MEST 2008

> cg> Since I transfer all my important/difficult text to S3-Oberon, ...
> I've never used S3.  Doesn't it predate NO?
> Is there any advantage in using S3 rather 
> than NO?

There's a doc. which shows the Oberon family tree.
But I thought native was a descendant of S3;
and I want to acknowledge the existance of V4,
by mentioning S3.

I've got S3: NO-standAlone, DOSbased and
and LinuxBased-V4.

> VinciDocs.Open Manifold.Vinci 
> or open Manifold.Vinci in a Text viewer, mark it * 
> and do VinciDocs.Open * .  
Wow ! Quiet amazing.
It would be problematic for me, because I don't 
'browse' [window shop]; I expect computers to
work [or not - immediately]. So I'd miss the picture
which is at the bottom of the frame and hidden from
view, for Test1.Vinci .

> I have more sophisticated diagrams which are 
> not posted for propriety.  As long as you do not 
> disclose it, I can send one.

Thanks, but I first need to master the elementary.

== Chris Glur.

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