[Oberon] Re. Text2HTML.Mod

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu May 29 16:46:33 MEST 2008

Edgar wrote:-
> Have a look at
> http://obedav.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/obedav/contribs/Text2HTML/
Thanks, now it tests OK.

As you will remember, 3 files are generated:
1. the actual [hot-linked] text,
2. a hot-linked contents file'
3. a hot-linked index file.

After you hyperlink to a place in the text-file
from an anchor *in the same text-file*, and then
"Back" via the frame-menu-Button, I would expect
to jump back to after the anchor/hot-link and not
to the contents file.

Ie. AFAIK when hot-links return they should 'return like 
subroutines do' ?  Besides there's a direct hot-link to
the contents file at the top of all 3 *.html ?

Also I note:-
we've got the doco with the syntax description:
 Tutorials.html ; which we can't use without the 
source-code; which sourceforge has and apparently
sourceforge hasn't got the syntax description.

Also I think it's good for such archives to have
facilities for feedback from casual users, to show the
difference between a package which has been in
store for 10 years and never had a successful user,
vs. one that's been downloaded and run often.

Also the auto-generated FTPTool which ftp's
the 3 generated files to fischer at ics  and then deletes 
them locally, seems a bit of a cheek !

Was this Andre's idea of users sending their 
hand-books to him for "library centralising".


== Chris Glur.

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