[Oberon] Skulski & Urban Gerber & shark-system ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Sep 8 20:02:05 MEST 2008

A post of nearly ten years ago from Wojtek Skulski, who
was previously an active poster to this mailing-list,
told about an ETH-thesis [perhaps not completed]
on a 'shark' compiler/system of ETH-oberon by
Urban Gerber.     goog shows many: ETH+Gerber,
but no 'Urban Gerber'.

I have a feeling that I have seen the document. 
But I now fail to find it.

I had the impression that the device was a low-power
CPU by 'Analog Devices'.  Now I'm confused, since the
'Shark' of :-------------
 SharkOberon   <----
Entwicklung eines Oberon System fur den
             DNARD Network Computer    <----
                  am Institut fur Computersysteme
                          der ETH Zurich

                        Prof J Gutknecht
                        Assistent P Muller
                   vorgelegt von Andreas Signer <---
  which I'm working-through is ARM based.
Since Analog devices have the 'Blackfin' CPU, I thought 
they had reserved the sea-fish-names.
I had the impresion that the Analog Devices CPU
was simpler than the ARM; perhaps like the Blackfin,
it had no MMU ?

Q - can anybody suggest pointers to help me find this 
document, perhaps via W.Skulski or old ETHZ records ?


== Chris Glur.

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