[Oberon] Oberon and Emacs

B. Smith-Mannschott benpsm at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 21:46:10 MEST 2008

On Sep 25, 2008, at 20:01, Martin Bishop wrote:

> I use oo2c as my Oberon compiler, and I loaded up the included Emacs
> files, however it doesn't work as I'd hoped.
> I have some elisp code for editing Modula-3, and it has the nice  
> feature
> of completing keywords, so typing "mod" and pressing TAB results in
> "MODULE ".  Is there any existing elisp code for Oberon to do the  
> same?
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I can't speak to their features, because I haven't used them, but i  
found these two modes:


If your modula-3 mode can already do this, perhaps it would be  
possible to modify it appropriately for oberon. I might even know  
enough elisp to manage that.  I'd be willing to give it a go, if you'd  


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