[Oberon] Re. Platform independent IDE? & spurious formats

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Oct 17 05:04:44 MEST 2008

  Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 16:09:12 -0700
  "Douglas G. Danforth" <danforth at greenwoodfarm.com>
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was asking some interesting question/s.

I only decode-read the first:
> (1) Does a cross platform IDE (Integerated Development Environment)
> exist for Oberon?

Because I resent having to decode eg:
}    .....<br>
}    &nbsp;(I know 

Since I wrote in my previous post how I value N-O's ability to 
mult-colour-mark text, perhaps some people find html/mime 
email valuable ?

Re. IDE, one should perhaps formally define the expected components ?
? all module-files grouped together & easily accessible
? minimum effort compile-edit-run cycling
? perhaps debugging facilities
 N-O has hex-view/edit of files
   & decodeX86 seems interesting but buggy [my 2001 version] & not
The Trap and 'find error position (select PC line in Trap viewer)'
facilities are excellent, but perhaps only available for X86 machines.

I used to wonder why N-O's development environment was, for me,
inferior to DOS-Turbo-Pascal's.  Now I realise it's because N-O 
program development is integrated into the "universe" ! Not just
restricted to compile-edit-run cycling.
Eg. it has easy access to email, ftp, http ...google, DOS, MAC, Unix 
formatting ...etc which are all potentially part of the development

So for a narrow/restricted Jonny-in-the-work-cubible view,
DOS-Turbo-Pascal's IDE was more productive. But for development
on a higher level eg. investigating what algorithms to use, N-O is

== Chris Glur.

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