[Oberon] What can BB/Aos do more than N-O ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu Oct 16 19:26:29 MEST 2008

I'm considering installing the 29MB LinuxAos over the weekend,
since LinuxOberon has proved very useful.

Having 4 installations of LinuxOberon running simultaneously
may seem absurd. But I find the ability to colour a text, like a
scholar would use koki-pens on paper texts, very powerfull.

Often I need 20 sessions of 10 minutes each to absorb a text.
And this may be stretched over 10 days.
So I want to have immediate access to at least 3 currently
coloured texts, each having the full user-track. 
The other installation is for miscelaneous use.

I had a near mishap-disaster, which is unlikely to be known
about, with a sparse LinuxOberon user-population.

I nearly lost a whole dir-tree, by trying to write an ET-text
directly to a specified linux <path>/<fileName> by editing
the ET-text's Menu-name.

My error was to write: <path> <space> <fileName>, which
wasn't detected as an error. But was interpreted as:
<path> .
Fortunately I looked at the directory via linux > mc before
making another bad store, and found that the directory
tree had been renamed to <name>.Bak

If LinuxOberon, LinuxAos gains wider usage, it should
have a public listing of warnings for such quirks, like
N-0 developed a type of 'hints-page/s'.

== Chris Glur.

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