Re (2): [Oberon] mail & uidl & etc.....

peasthope at peasthope at
Mon Dec 1 01:20:49 MET 2008


> ... patched Mail.Panel for reading mail with WinAos ...
> sending doesn't work because of some new authentification 
> scheme of my ISP 

If you have a Linux machine which can be configured 
easily to fit the ISP, you can use WinAos as a 
terminal to exim.

I keep this template on the NO User.Tool and submit 
a message by copying and clicking.

Desktops.OpenDoc ssh://
exim -t
From: peasthope at
To: peasthope at
Bcc: ...
Subject: ...

Blah, blah  ...

Not a permanent solution but will work until 
authentication is fixed.

Regards,       ... Peter E.
--  =

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