[Oberon] Replace with null-string ?!

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Dec 2 20:06:23 MET 2008

This is very trivial and very annoying.
And I refuse to examine the source code to get an answer,
because the design consideration is so fundamental.

Dispite the fact that plain-text email worked well for decades,
the marketers have convinced users to use stuff like:--------
n,  resulting  in  a  world-class=0D=0Acellular phone  industry in Egypt.=
 Indeed, when the U.S. put=0D=0AIraq's cellular  phone contract  up for i=
nternational bid in=0D=0A2003-04, the winning company was an Egyptian tel=

For me to more this text to a 'de-mimer' is absurd, since only 
2 translations are required:-
'=0D=0A' => <oberon's newline>
'='<oberon's newline>  => <emptyString>

>From usage of ET.* & Desktops.OpenDoc ^ one sees that for the 
search-replace cycle the <replaceString> is kept as a global
between applications of *.Replace command.

It seems that search & delete ie. replace with <emptyString>
is not possible ?!

Why isn't it designed so that the 'setSearchString' operation,
automatically sets the <replaceSting> to empty ?

== Chris Glur.

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