[Oberon] Re: Replace with null-string ?! + VNC

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Dec 13 01:38:41 MET 2008

> ... replace with <emptyString> ...

Peter E. wrote:--
> I've wanted that also but making it the default 
> never quite registered.  Good idea.
I've since, found that Oberon V4 had ClearReplaceBuffer
as well as Replace, ReplaceAll.
My latest prefered mde of operation is under linux / kde,
with the 4 desktops: 2 desktops with S3 & 2 with V4.
Each linux Oberon has its own 'home-dir' set to the
project that it's working on. so you don't have eg.
in your dir-listing, you just use:
One nice quirk of V4 is that it auto-loads the textFiles
in Oberon or Linux format, whereas S3 needs to be 
told to use linux or Oberon format.

> If there is ever another release of NO from the 
> ETH we would hope that such improvements could 
> be incorporated.

I decided not [yet] to d/l Aos for oberon because
after years of anticipation I d/l-ed what I though
was spice [circuit simulator] in 100 minutes of 
online time & many hours of docos reading, only 
to find that it's just the 'wrapper' and I still can't
run spice.   It's not obvious to me why Aos is so
much bigger than N-O.

Re. VNC, have you run Oberon-VNC together
with linux-VNC on the same box ?

After I compiled N-O:2001's 5 *.Mod files
for linux-ETH-Oberon, the Oberon-VNC-client
doesn't show & control the linux-VNC-server
screen -- which it acknowledges by not running
unless the linux-VNC-server is first running.

It 'shows' the desktop which I'm currently looking
at.  So when I swith back to the desktop from
where I launched the Oberon-VNC-client, it
shows the previously viewed desktop for a second, 
while it's updating the screen [via tcp] to its 
current desktop.

Apparently I must have 2 different 'users' for
the client & server ? Whereas I normally just
run everything as root !

== Chris Glur.

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