[Oberon] Re: Replace with null-string ?! + VNC

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 14 06:47:52 MET 2008


> ... have you run Oberon-VNC together
> with linux-VNC on the same box ?

Never.  I've always had the client & server on 
separate machines.

If everything is to be on one PC, isn't there 
an Oberon for Linux which would perform better 
than "Linux-VNC server-VNC client-Oberon"?  

> Apparently I must have 2 different 'users' for
> the client & server ? Whereas I normally just
> run everything as root !

I start the Linux VNC server from the user account.

peter at dalton:~$ tightvncserver -geometry 620x730 -depth 24

Then I start the VNC client in NO.

Desktops.OpenDoc  "" (VNCViewerDocs.NewDoc) ~

For a system-wide VNC server, I was told to use 
XDMCP but haven't tackled it yet.  If you start the 
VNC server as a root process and then access it with 
Oberon VNC, does the Oberon user have root privilage?
That would be dangerous.  Also a root VNC server 
might have problems with prioritization.

Regards,             ... Peter E.

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