[Oberon] Re: Replace with null-string ?! + VNC

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Dec 16 07:16:20 MET 2008

> > From what I understood from your description, I'd
> > be able to run a typical dumb-CLI app. in the server,
> > from a smart-menu-like NO client.

Peter E. wrote:
> Sorry; I do not really understand.
> > For my configuration, VNC merely allows the 
> > Linux GUI to exist in an NO viewer.  Within 
> > that viewer, the interface behaves just as 
> > it would on the Linux console.  Text can be 
> > copied from NO to a Linux application as 
> > described previously.  There is no other 
> > communication at the application level.
> > 
Yes, the linux application will run on the
Linux-server, and its output will be visible
on the [same box] linux-NO-client.

The magic comes from, being able to cord whole
textStrings, at the client-side, which you can
pick off of intelligent menu/S, which you can
see on the same NO screen, in a different
Frame to the NO-vncFrame.

> With telnet and ssh, text can be copied in 
> both directions but with no Linux GUI of 
> course.

AFAIK that's about communications and
not vnc ? OTOH vnc uses TCP/IP communication,
even when both client & server are on the 
same box. 

> With my systems, VNC is noticeably slower 
> than the native Xfce4 desktop.  There is 
> no ideal arrangement with all the benefits 
> of Linux and NO.  Mostly I rely on ftp and 
> telnet.  For VNC, the NO/A2 machine needs 
> upgrading from 10BASE-T to 100BASE-T.
No ! Since I'm talking about interactive
computing, the server speed is irrelevant.
It's my reduced cognitive load that counts.

As confirmed the NOclient takes over a
second to redraw the server's view, and I
expect less to update an input char, because
the whole screen in NOT updated then.
> > ...
> Apparently you have everything on one machine.

Yes that's the whole point, with multi-tasking linux.
Without standing up I can  switch between:-
* 2 installations of ETH-Oberon,
which I need to colour complex text to make it 
easier to grasp, and for mail & NewsGroups
* 2 V4 Oberon, which is also nice to read my
  lynx-fetched httpS,
* linux pdf, ps, ..etc. viewers
* full featured browser - sometimes needed,
* fast http-fetch lynx & elinks for tables,
* ...etc.  
With a slow, expensive inet connection,
I've got to optimise.
> Is there any need for the VNC server to be a 
> root process?

No, and it's not advised.
Just that I didn't yet find out how to run 2
non-root X-sessions.   It's not CPU time that 
matters, it's user's cognitive load ?

Before I proceed, please confirm that:
* you can have a linux-Xconsole/VT running
 on your  vnc-server,
* which you can see in your NO-vnc-client,
* and you can input to the NO-vnc-client:
  'ls -l', by  MR/MMing from your NOscreen.
* and you can see the result, which the server
   sends back to the client.
Perhaps you need to input the <CR> by keyboard ?
Thanks, my VNC*.Mod sizes are similar, but have
you got the 'date stamp gagdet' reading 
"07.02.01 11:05:29" which you can see if you view
VNC.Mod with Desktops.OpenDoc ^    ?

Unfortunately the Linux-ETH sources are all in
one massive file and I don't even know if the
VNC*.Mod will be included until I've d/l-ed it.
For those who can't understand what all the fuss is 
* linux cutNpaste [& AFAIK M$ too] is clunky 
  compared to NO.
* my linux editor needs a pianists operation
  of <F2>, <F3>...etc., whereas NO needs no 
 looking at the keybrd.
* I don't want to look up to read 3486/7452
  when I can better see the 'side-bar-marker'
 showing that I'm about 55% into the text file.
* I don't want to have to type-in search strings,
   when I could just select them....etc. 

IMO the 'recognise instead of remember'
paradigm, used in NO menues...etc. is what
made the initial spreadsheets the killer-apps.
of personel computing.

Thanks for help.

== Chris Glur.

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