[Oberon] Re: Replace with null-string ?! + VNC

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 16 17:02:03 MET 2008


> please confirm that:
> * you can have a linux-Xconsole/VT running
> on your  vnc-server,

When tightnvcserver is running there is only 
the CLUI on the Linux console.  tightvnc uses 
the X server and these run in the background.

> * which you can see in your NO-vnc-client,

There is a picture on my Web server.  You will 
probably see the aspect ratio squashed.

> * and you can input to the NO-vnc-client:
>   'ls -l', by  MR/MMing from your NOscreen.

Yes, it works.  

Desktops.OpenDoc telnet://peter@w.x.y.z 
does the same much faster here ... but probably 
your machine is faster than mine.

> * and you can see the result, which the server
>    sends back to the client.


> Perhaps you need to input the <CR> by keyboard ?

MR+MM will send any characters including CR, LF 
and Tab.

> Just that I didn't yet find out how to run 2
> non-root X-sessions. 

I'll guess that you should use XDMCP so that 
one server can support multiple client processes.
Unfortunately the man pages don't explain.

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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