[Oberon] Re: Replace with null-string ?! + VNC

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Dec 16 21:37:28 MET 2008

> There is a picture on my Web server.  You will 
> probably see the aspect ratio squashed.
> http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/Cantor.html

Good, Thanks:-
}In the lower left viewer, the Oberon VNC client displays 
}a Web page from Mozilla in Debian Etch on newton, 
}which also has a TightVNCserver. The upper left and lower 
}right viewers are from the Oberon "browser". 
}The upper right viewer is the System.Log.

That's what I'd expect.
But for me:
UserBottom mirrors [with delay] UserTop.
And if I paste from SystemTop to UserTop, then 
as you said, the CR and font, colour [identical
bit map] is echoed to the vnc-client, with a delay
and not written left to right, since rectangles of
the screen, rather than chars are transfered.

Every thing works beautifully, except that the
client is seeing its own screen instead of the server.

Since you've got a 'server connected to the inet'
whereas I get a different/dynamic IP from the ISP
ever time that I dial up, can you run a linux-vnc-
server and mail me the details to connect via
my linux-NO-client ?

I guess you'd just setup a new user, with an emptyish 
HOME-dir, that you've confirmed you can see with
your NO box nvc-client ? And mail me what command 
to use.

If it was a NO-vnc-server you could run Sisiphus, and 
see what he looks like in BC  winter from  S.Africa

As I see it there are 2 aspects to vnc:
1. the IP:port of the client and server, and
2. the rest of it.

It's the 1st aspect [networking] which is my
problem.  If I can connect to an outside
server of known IP, then I'll have confirmed that
my linux-NO-client is OK.


== Chris Glur.

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