[Oberon] Aos/A2 system size

Stauber Sven Philipp sven.stauber at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Dec 16 18:30:15 MET 2008

Dear all,


Please let me comment on this:


>C.G. wrote: It's not obvious to me why Aos is so much bigger than N-O.


It is not much bigger. This is more a packaging issue. The CD image
contains many things that are not required to run an A2 system.
Actually, you just need about a dozen modules to run an A2 system (see
http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch/wiki/Documentation/Kernel). To give an


Packages included in A2 CD-Image:


   System 213 Files ( 200 source code files)

   ApplicationsMini 121 Files (  90 source code files)

   Applications 179 Files ( 140 source code files)

   GuiApplicationsMini 123 Files (  94 source code files)

   GuiApplications 201 Files ( 150 source code files)

   Education  13 Files (  13 source code files)

   Build  16 Files (   7 source code files)

   Contributions 153 Files ( 126 source code files)


   Oberon 152 Files ( 118 source code files)

   OberonGadgets 204 Files ( 151 source code files)

   OberonApplications 271 Files ( 144 source code files)

   OberonDocumentation  60 Files (  25 source code files)

   OberonVoyager 111 Files ( 111 source code files)

   OberonAnts 127 Files ( 127 source code files)


   TrueTypeFonts  12 Files (   0 source code files)

   ScreenFonts  40 Files (   0 source code files)

   Pr3Fonts  36 Files (   0 source code files)

   Pr6Fonts  30 Files (   0 source code files)


All packages whose name starts with "Oberon" are Oberon-only packages. A
lot of space is required for supporting CJK characters (approx. 10MB in
data files), another bunch for demo data as videos, pictures (approx. 10


It seems that it would be a good idea to provide a "small" A2 release so
that people don't get confused about the 75MB size of the CD-Image. I
will report back here when such a small A2 release is available online.



Sven Stauber

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