[Oberon] RISC emulator

Ulrich Hoffmann uho at xlerb.de
Sun Mar 16 22:50:19 CET 2014

Hi Peter (De Wachter),
	great work. Thank you very much.

Runs fine under MAC OS X (with three button mouse of course :-).

An issue with the location of the SDL headers:

`sdl2-config --cflags` im Makefile returns  

	-I/opt/local/include/SDL2 -D_THREAD_SAFE

on Mac OS X (SDL installed via Mac ports)

i.e. the include path contains the directory "SDL2".
The includes in sdl-main.c and sdl-ps2.c also have "SDL2".
Either one has to be corrected (for Mac OS X at least).

How would reading external files be best realized?
Implement support for PCLink1.Mod (i.e. serial line and a
corresponding host program)?


@Peter Matthias: *.smb files are symbol files created by the Oberon compiler ORP

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