[Oberon] RISC emulator

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Tue Mar 18 16:20:16 CET 2014

Jörg Straube wrote:
> On the other hand, knowing that the Oberon fonts do only support a very limited set of additional latin letters, the whole UCS-2 coding is a little overkill. We could easily go with Unicode but restrict the code points to one byte. We could call that coding  "reduced ISO-8859-1" :-)

A small OS like Oberon should not have to bother with all codepages, all 
keyboard layouts, all fonts, all charactersets, hiragana, katakana, 
left/right alignment of tokens (like arabic) or even up/down alignment.

Just settle with US keyboard, US characterset. Who needs umlauts when 
middle clicking a command?


Jan Verhoeven

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