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Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Tue Mar 18 16:54:35 CET 2014

In contrast to other OS one of the main concept of Oberon is that output wrlitten to the screen can be used as input by middle clicking.
So the question is: not only: Shall the compiler accept something like 
But do you want being able to middle.click on

Even on the Internet it is nowadays possible to have a domain   www.jörg.ch

But I agree fully that we should not overdo it. Perhaps one of the reasons why Oberon is not so widely spread is exactly that it restricts itself to Latin text. Who knows :-)

> Am 18.03.2014 um 16:20 schrieb Jan Verhoeven <jan at verhoeven272.nl>:
> Jörg Straube wrote:
>> On the other hand, knowing that the Oberon fonts do only support a very limited set of additional latin letters, the whole UCS-2 coding is a little overkill. We could easily go with Unicode but restrict the code points to one byte. We could call that coding  "reduced ISO-8859-1" :-)
> A small OS like Oberon should not have to bother with all codepages, all 
> keyboard layouts, all fonts, all charactersets, hiragana, katakana, 
> left/right alignment of tokens (like arabic) or even up/down alignment.
> Just settle with US keyboard, US characterset. Who needs umlauts when 
> middle clicking a command?
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> Groetjes
> Jan Verhoeven
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