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> Ok, then it's got the essential features.
> Actually, I remember the original BYTE article [? 70s ?] showed the 2:1
> width-ratio User/System columns.

Actually it was a little later than that. The initial official public
announcements regarding Oberon (language and operating system) were in 1988.
The article with the Oberon screenshot was in the May 1993 issue of BYTE
magazine. You can see the actual article "Oberon: A Glimpse at the Future"


> So perhaps the magical HCI was part of Oberon from the start.

Yes. The tiled windows, extensive use of all three mouse buttons with
interclicking, unique scrollbar behaviour etc. were part of the earliest
publicly available versions of the Oberon operating system. They were
documented in Chaper 2: "The Oberon user interface and the standard system
editor" in Martin Reiser's Book: The Oberon System - User Guide and
Programmers's Manual (ISBN 0-201-54422-9) first published in 1991.

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