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> Dear All,
> Surprisingly, in 2013 edition, the book body doesn't contain full source
> sections of the system, as used to be in old editions.
> Any idea why?

22 years have gone by and the world has changed a lot since then. When the
original edition of Project Oberon was first published the internet wasn't
widely available and the main way of distributing source code was on a
floppy disk (often different for different host computers) by postal mail so
it made sense to include the listings in the book. 

Later Oberon books included a CD (The Oberon Companion) or a floppy disk
(Compiler Construction) with the printed copy of the book. 

Nowadays it is most convenient to have both the book available as a PDF file
for browsing and the source code to be available in a machine-readable form
so that it can be viewed / navigated in a syntax-aware IDE or compiled. You
then only need snippets of code in the book where it is necessary to
illustrate particular details,


Chris Burrows
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