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Fri Apr 4 15:59:45 CEST 2014

From:	Chris Burrows <chris at cfbsoftware.com>
Date:	Fri, 4 Apr 2014 22:37:42 +1030
> Any lack of navigation features in a
> particular PDF file is not a limitation of the PDF format. Either the author
> has not implemented them or the reader is not aware of their existence. PDF
> files have both bookmark and hypertext link creation capabilities.

Thanks for explaining.

> ... Acrobat reader ...

Also works in Evince in Debian Wheezy.

> I have added a table of contents to the 2013 Oberon Report distributed 
> with Astrobe. You can download a copy ...

Got it, thanks.  Yes, with the table of contents, navigation 
is comfortable.  The copies of ProjectOberon.pdf I've seen have 
have only page thumbnails.  I try to remember page numbers as 
landmarks, not too successfully.

> I have also added a list of contents to my own copy of the Project Oberon
> 2013 book after combining the three PDF files into one. 

The documentation for Evince indicates it won't allow adding contents.
The document can be annotated and the documentation comments,   
"You can use annotations like bookmarks."  (A contents and index 
in the ProjectOberon.pdf on the ETH server would be nice.)

> Also on the website there are links to the NXP reference manuals ...

Will have a look; thanks.

> ... difference listing program 'Beyond Compare' ...

Haven't found it in a Debian repository but According to Wikipedia
it is available for Linux.  

> Finally, I have to say that I have no more desire to read a book on a
> handheld device than I have to cut the lawn with a pair of nail scissors ;-)

Partly dependant on lifestyle.  On a public transit bus, a book or 
handheld or small laptop can be opened.  Anything bigger becomes 
awkward.  If you never use public transit, it's not a concern.

For me, the worst problem in casual reading from a small machine  
is the delay of startup.  But that's another topic.

Thanks for the explanations,         ... Peter E.

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