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> When will we have ETHO running on ARM, eg.  rPi?

My question is not 'when' but 'why bother'? Also do you mean the Oberon OS
hosted on Linux on the Raspberry Pi or the Oberon OS running standalone on
the rPi hardware? 

Here are some thought-provoking views on the Raspberry Pi:


If you believe that porting Oberon to the rPi is something worth doing then
you should start by trying to do it yourself. All the facilities are
available (assuming you already have an rPi?) I recommend that you approach
it step by step to test the level of interest rather than jumping in at the
deep end. Something along the lines of:

1. Investigate if Peter De Wachter's RIDC Oberon emulator would run on the
rPi. (e.g. will the SDL libraries work OK?)

2. Implement the emulator on the rPi.

3. Release it and measure if the level of feedback / demand for it is

4. Investigate what would be gained by replacing the emulator with a native
ARM version.

If you don't believe you can implement the last part yourself you might then
have a better chance of convincing others like myself that it is worth the
effort of porting it to the rPi,

Chris Burrows
CFB Software
Astrobe: Oberon development system for ARM7 and Cortex-M3

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