[Oberon] Project Oberon 2013 on GitHub?

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Thu Apr 10 10:55:28 CEST 2014

eas lab wrote:
> Let's not lose sight of the fact that this project BELONGS to NW/ETHZ!

Nobody argues about that.

> If it's captured by the popularist vultures, it may turn to crap.
> I don't want to see jewels diluted by garbage.

On the other hand: remember Minix. AST wanted to keep it pure, so 
Torvalds created his own version. And then there were two.

> OTOH, as soon as I get the keybrd & mouse running on V5/rPi,
> I want to announce it on the Pi:Newsgroup; and I want to mention
> some figures:
>   how many instructions has risc got?

In the order of 30.


Jan Verhoeven

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