[Oberon] Project Oberon 2013 on GitHub?

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Thu Apr 10 10:50:16 CEST 2014

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> Let's not lose sight of the fact that this project BELONGS to NW/ETHZ!
> If it's captured by the popularist vultures, it may turn to crap.
> I don't want to see jewels diluted by garbage.

I agree with your sentiment - though I might have said it a little
differently ;-) Remember Paul Reed's share of the ownership as well. 

No reorganisation of this sort should be considered without first requesting
their approval. Personally, I don't believe the implied need for haste is
necessary - I'd prefer to wait a few weeks for a well-considered solution to
any problem that might arise. 

The Pascal experience was an interesting one. For a good while every man and
his dog were pointing out deficiencies and coming up with half-baked
solutions. Then, (seemingly out of the blue), Wirth announced Modula-2 -
with virtually all of the problems neatly solved in a very elegant and
systematic way. 


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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