[Oberon] Project Oberon 2013 on GitHub?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 04:58:50 CEST 2014

> Since rPi has no ps2 facilities, I don't think anyone has
> actually run rPi:<POemu> ?

]I guess you need something similar to this:

Then the project has failed & I can just join-the-herd and buy a WinTel.
>Of course NW should decide, f.e. what patches or extensions should go
> into the main branch. But, something like GitHub makes it easier to track
> issues, sending patches, .... adding tutorials, adding application, ...
> For me, it is more about keeping all the stuff alive, to give others the
> chance to learn the simplicity and power of Oberon. And it is obvious
> that ETHZ lost its interest in Oberon.

OK, I agree. The http*S* if 'git' & 'sourceforge' really annoyed me;
like those who tell me that I need a *deCRYPTED* eth0 to communicate
between the PC & the rPi *NEXT TO* it!!
It's like getting a visa & using the national-railway-system to fetch a
glass of water from the kitchen-next-door.

Since NW gets the big/top policies right, I wonder if ps2 will survive.
I've never looked at it's docos, but USB's show that that's a monster.

> And it is obvious that ETHZ lost its interest in Oberon.
I didn't realise that, but have noticed that the FB/twitter wave has
killed much.

] And Pascal, and Modula-2. All of those seem to have been research projects
]that have all served their causes.

Well yes, Pascal, and Modula live inside Oberon.
It's the perpetuation of the 'top' universally-applicable-ideas that matter.

The PO2013 hardware/software seems an ideal educational project,
and far superior to even the rPi - for education; but I should persist to get
<ETHO> running on rPi.

LEO [EHO for Linux], is proof of the cost effectiveness of riding-on-top
of existing/proven system, as PO2013/SDL2/rPi almost did?
But that applies less for education.
There you need to work from the ground up.
What-all can PO2013 use for display?
rPi displays nicely with an old B/W RCA-input-connectored, which came
from the TRS80, with the cassette and A4-pamphlet, of M$-Pascal0,
of the 70s.  And less so via PAL TV. HDMI of course is superb.

==Chris Glur.

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