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> USB is very complex, but apparently very successful.
> RS232 is very simple. I've never looked into ps2.
> It's notable that OP2013, seems to be skipping USB?

In the interest of "as simple as possible, but not simpler" my impression
is that subsets of USB may be relatively simple and other subsets
relatively complex. For Project Oberon, it would come back to the
chipset(s) used to implement the needed protocols for input and potentially

Some oddities would be to determine whether or not it would be easier to
maintain the USB stack and a subset of well-defined device types to avoid
dealing with alternative drivers, including things like Ethernet.

Some other alternatives would be to look at skipping USB and PS/2
altogether. There's an interesting presentation by Stuart Cheshire from
Apple talking about Bonjour at Google:


At the end he talks very briefly about USB complexity and how it might be
possible to reduce both complexity and cost by using "slow" Ethernet and

Oberon Project's current networking stack is very similar to Bonjour (think
Bonjour without IP), and it could be interesting to do a PS/2-to-(insert
protocol here) and eliminate yet another set of interfaces and drivers.

-Jack (from the armchair)
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