[Oberon] Oberon on the Raspberry Pi

Paul Thomas Melville ptmelville at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 18:07:08 CEST 2014

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 3:30 PM, volkert at nivoba.de <volkert at nivoba.de> wrote:

> Currently windows mode did not work. The emulator switches direct in
> fullscreen mode. Yes, may
> be it is a simple issue, but i have no idea.
> Display of Oberon is fixed to 1024x768. I have changed the RaspRi
> resolution to 1024x768 and
> it matches fine on my monitor, without a black border.

Peter coded emulator in such way that Oberon window (1024x768) is scaled down
or up to native resolution in fullscreen mode - letterboxing or
pillarboxing is used
to preserve aspect ratio.  On the other hand, in window mode emulator
is creating
fixed 1024x768 window.  I'm looking at code and I don't see how emulator could
switch automatically to fullscreen mode without specifying
"--fullscreen" option.  It
doesn't grab input either, so window manager should receive input.

My best bet would be on behavior of window manager.  When you lunch emulator
either it is covering whole screen and that combined with mouse focus gives an
impression of fullscreen or window manager is switching to some kind
of fullscreen

You could edit lines 74-77 in sdl-main.c to verify it.  After changing it to:

  SDL_Window *window = SDL_CreateWindow("Project Oberon",
                                        window_pos, window_pos,
                                        800, 600,

Emulator should start in 800x600 window with Oberon downscaled to that
resolution.  If that works you could go back to original version and
replace both
"window_pos" with lets say 100.  This way it should start in 1024x768,
but window
should be placed 100 pixels away from top and left corner of screen.

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