[Oberon] Oberon V4 availability (was: Project Oberon 2013 on GitHub?)

Paul Thomas Melville ptmelville at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 15:06:24 CEST 2014

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:50 PM, Chris Burrows <chris at cfbsoftware.com> wrote:

> While I am not aware of any port of Oberon V4 to (one of the many variants
> of processors designed by) ARM, Oberon V4 is available on many other
> architectures apart from x86. These include the Amiga, Atari, DecStation,
> HP700, 68000 Mac, PowerMac, IBM RS6000, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Sun Sparc
> etc). All of these can be downloaded from the ETH Oberon V4 ftp site:

Those hardware and software stacks are long dead.  I would say that only
Windows/Linux version are relevant (plus there is recent port to ARM done
by Peter Matthias using SharkOberon sources).

btw. I did manage to run Windows V4 Oberon (or was it ETH?) under win3x
with win32 extension under Dosbox running on Android with ARM processor. Simple.

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